Individual Therapy

There are many, many reasons a person may seek individual therapy. Grief, loss, trauma and transition are just a few.

Adjusting to life without a spouse, child, close relative or friend takes time, support and patience. Seeing your family become something you never imagined it to be takes time, support and patience, too. For some, healing and adjusting to life again is a journey that takes time and support from others to make it happen. For others, there is no healing or closure, but instead they learn to live with their feelings of pain, hurt and emptiness. And yet for others, the grief becomes long-term and the pain associated with loss remains unbearable.

The Center staff works with individuals to help address where they are at, and what will help them work toward healing. The staff members know that every individual has a unique story and the therapy sessions will be focused on what is right for each individual wherever they are in their healing process. Please call (651) 641-0177 to complete an intake.



What’s Happening

We provide therapy, events and support to help individuals, families and communities.

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Community Crisis Response

Are you part of a business, school or organization that has experienced a crisis? We provide therapy and support to those impacted by natural disasters, terrible accidents, sudden death and situations that pose a threat to being safe

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