Sarah Logan, MA, LPCC

Sarah Logan, MA, LPCC

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Sarah Logan, MA, LPCC


Sarah is a therapist at the Center for Grief, Loss & Transition.  She has been a part of the Center for over 8 years taking on a variety of roles throughout her tenure.

Her interest in grief work began over ten years ago when a friend was first diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.  Throughout this experience she began to recognize how loss plays a role in many aspects of our lives, and the importance of being able to talk about one's experience in a safe and comfortable setting.

She provides therapy to individuals of all ages, with a special focus on children, adolescents and teens.  Sarah has over 10 years of experience working with this particular population in various settings, both individually and in groups, such as youth groups and with organizations helping to promote positive self-esteem in young girls.

At the Center, she works with children as young as three years old, often utilizing art and play therapy techniques.  She also has experience working in school settings with young mothers, teenagers and children.  For more than eight years, Sarah has worked with individuals dealing with complicated grief and trauma, life transition, chronic and terminal illness and PTSD.  In addition to her work as a therapist, she also helps to train and educate the community on complicated grief, loss, trauma, and life transition.

Prior to her work at the Center, she worked as a social worker, helping to maintain the safety of children.  Sarah lives in the south metro with her husband, daughter, son and two cats.


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