Client Testimonials

Interested in what our clients have to say? Read these testimonials:

Group Therapy

"It helped in ways I could not imagine at onset. Thanks!"

"This group has been such a support. I feel like we are family. We understand each other without finishing sentences and explaining what we are trying to say."

"This group has been so helpful. It has helped me get at some of the sadness and other emotions that I have suppressed since my dad's death in 1999. I hope to continue working on resolving the grief issues that I have not worked on in the past."

"I would never have made it these last eight months without this group."

"The group has been incredibly valuable and I would definitely recommend the Center to others."

"I love my therapist and am so thankful for this opportunity as I know space is limited. I wish there were more groups like this available in the t-cities."

"I am very satisfied with the Center and have recommended it to others."

"This group has been very helpful and I'm so thankful for this program."

"My therapist rocks! She makes you feel very comfortable and she does a great job drawing the words out of us, even when you don't really want to!"

Individual Therapy

"A very positive experience in a very comfortable setting. I was unsure how easy it would be for me to talk with a therapist as this was my first time. I felt at ease with my therapist right away and looked forward to our sessions. I felt I could be myself with no worries. Thank you!!"

"I can't express how much I appreciate all your help!!"
"The therapist is so observant and intuitive it blows my mind. Being a care taker myself it's really nice to have someone focus on me, and listen and provide practical solutions and ideas for problems; also to explain various behavior and mental processes. I have recommended this service to several people."

"I feel very fortunate to have discovered the Center for Grief. This has been my most successful experience in the therapy and healing process."

"I am amazed at what I'm learning about myself. I'm growing in directions I never though of before."

"Working with my therapist has been one of the most valuable and helpful things I've done over the past year. All at the Center have been extremely helpful."

"I wish I could have found you sooner!

"I would recommend the Center to anyone."

"I am absolutely satisfied w my experience at the Center. The building is much more safe and comforting – and the people here all are so friendly and willing to listen. Thank you for helping explain this process of grief."

"My life is being transformed through my work here. I am so grateful."

Getting Started

Grief can take many forms. Are you grieving or going through a difficult transition? We specialize in grief, trauma and life transition.

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What’s Happening

We provide therapy, events and support to help individuals, families and communities.

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Community Crisis Response

Are you part of a business, school or organization that has experienced a crisis? We provide therapy and support to those impacted by natural disasters, terrible accidents, sudden death and situations that pose a threat to being safe

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