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Nature Immersion for Healing 

Please join us for a safely-distanced outdoor nature immersion experience to help ease the pain of grief and loss. This 2 hour session, led by certified yoga instructor Dallas Rising, is designed to help you tune into your senses. Enjoy both guided and silent portions to help you connect with nature as part of your healing from grief, trauma, or loss.

Inspired by Japanese practice shinrin-yoku (a.k.a forest bathing or forest therapy), you will take part in a multi-sensory session. The instructor will encourage you to experience the sounds of rustling branches, the feeling of gentle winds, and the sights of summer sunshine. Surrounded by natural beauty, you will take time to notice the details and find comfort in the simple restorative power of nature. Studies have shown immersion in the outdoors is a proven way to reduce stress hormone production, boost the immune system, and lower blood pressure; all of which help in your healing process. 

Upcoming Session: Saturday, October 16 - 2pm to 4pm 

Location: MEND: A Grief Sanctuary | 6515 Babcock Trail, Inver Grove Heights, MN

Cost: $55 per person - Limit 7 Participants  

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Virtual Yoga Nidra for Grief 

Please join us for this restorative and gentle yoga nidra practice, allowing a weary and hurting body, mind, and heart to rest and heal. Yoga nidra (or yogic sleep) is a deep relaxation yoga practice that brings you to the threshold state between sleep and wakefulness. In this state, external senses are diminished and focus is turned inward, allowing for stress relief, increased energy, improvements in sleep/relaxation, and healing through pain and grief. Studies show that 30 minutes of yoga nidra can equate up to 4 hours of REM sleep. 

Join certified yoga instructor, Dallas Rising, as she guides you through this practice safely over zoom. Great for people of all ages and abilities - you simply need to find a comfortable space where you can lie down and listen. 


Date: Check Back for Next Date

Time: 7:30pm - 8:30pm 

Location : Live Stream Over Zoom 

Cost: $10 per participant (scholarships available if needed) 


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Yoga & Grief Workshop

Traumatic loss impacts us in so many ways. We feel the loss in our body, our mind, and our heart. Yoga can aid in easing some of the symptoms of grief by helping to unite the body, breath, and heart when it can feel like our grief has severed this connection.

Having a designated space and time to tune into what is happening under the surface creates space for healing. Yoga for the grieving offers an opportunity to be in the presence of others who are healing without having to share or take in stories. The quiet presence of others also in pain and in healing offers comfort.

Join us for our Yoga and Grief workshop. We will share information about yoga; including how and why it can help ease grief. We will then apply this information with a gentle yoga practice, led by Dallas Rising, a certified yoga teacher.

When: POSTPONED Due to COVID-19. Check back for updates.

Where: Center for Grief & Loss at 1129 Grand Ave, St. Paul, MN 55105

 $30 to Participate (discounted rates available). Register by calling Stacy at 651-641-0177! 


International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

Usually, The Center for Grief & Loss is a host site for the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention’s (AFSP) International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day.  This annual event includes the screening of a Survivor Day documentary produced by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, as well as a brief reflective program. A new documentary is produced by AFSP each year.  Check back here for more information regarding the 2021 event.