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Couples Counseling

The Center for Grief & Loss couples counseling sessions work with partners to help them process life events together. Couples seek therapy when they have encounter a loss or life transition that they are coping with. Therapy as a couple can help identify common experiences and give a safe space to process how they are grieving or coping differently. 

“I appreciate the support that I feel here. Non-judgmental, unconditional approach.”

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To schedule a couples counseling session or learn more call 651-641-0177 or 651-439-4840.

What else might be helpful?

If you have children as young as 3 years old, it could be beneficial for them to join you in family counseling sessions. This helps the family unit to work through grief and coping together.

Talking about grief is hard to do in front of others. Learn about individual counseling as a potential first step.

Working through grief in a support group can help to relate with peers in shared experiences, coping strategies, and more.