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Individual Counseling: Adult and Child

The Center for Grief & Loss understands that each person approaches grief and loss in their own personal way. The Center staff works with individuals to help address where they are at, and what will help them work toward healing.

Adjusting to a life without a spouse, child, close relative, or friend takes time, support, and patience. We know for some healing and adjusting to life again is a journey that needs time and support from others to make happen. For others, there is no healing or closure, but instead they learn to live with their feelings of pain, hurt, and emptiness. And yet for others, the grief becomes long-term and the pain associated with loss remains unbearable.

We know that each individual has a unique story and each therapy session will be focused on what is right for you, wherever you are in the healing process.

Several of our therapists have specialized training and interest in working with children and adolescents working through grief and trauma. Our therapists provide age-appropriate education about the process of grief, feelings, and thoughts that can come up when suffering from a loss or traumatic experience, and ways to talk about and cope with grief and reactions to a traumatic event.

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 “A very positive experience in a very comfortable setting. I was unsure how easy it would be for me to talk with a therapist as this was my first time. I felt at ease with my therapist right away and looked forward to our sessions. I felt I could be myself with no worries”

What else might be helpful?

Working through complicated grief and loss does not have to be something you do alone, learn about couples counseling, or family counseling as alternatives to individual counseling sessions.