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Support Groups

The Center for Grief & Loss offers a wide variety of support groups to help people process their grief and loss in a different way than in individual, couple, or family counseling.

Support groups that are offered at the Center for Grief & Loss are different from traditional support groups in that they are led by a therapist, and are closed groups. Meaning that the people who start in the group are the people who are in the group the entire time. Often, there is a limited number of participants (5-8 people).

We recommend people participate in individual counseling prior to joining a support group but participation in the group is left up to the discretion of the therapist leading the group.

Current therapy groups offered by the Center: 

  • Child loss
  • Parent loss
  • Spouse/partner loss
  • Support through art

If you are interested in learning more about support groups or signing up to participate, please call 651-641-0177 or 651-439-4840.

“This group has been such a support. I feel like we are family. We understand each other without finishing sentences and explaining what we are trying to say”

“I would never have made it these last right months without this group”

What else might be helpful?

The reccomended first step to healing is starting with self-reflection. The Center for Grief & Loss offers individual counseling tailored to meeting your needs and help you find hope and healing.