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Family Counseling

The Center for Grief & Loss offers counseling for families who are processing grief or loss in their life. We understand that loss changes a family. While each family member may be processing life differently, it can often feel reassuring to talk about each person’s experience in a safe place and to work through grief as a family.

Several of our therapists have specialized training and interest in working with children and adolescents working through grief and trauma. Our therapists provide age-appropriate education about the process of grief, feelings and thoughts that can come up when suffering from a loss or traumatic experience, and ways to talk about and cope with grief and reactions to a traumatic event.

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To schedule an appointment or learn more call 651-641-0177 or 651-439-4840. 

“My therapist at the Center for Grief & Loss has helped me to navigate some extremely treacherous personal and emotional terrain. I am so thankful for my time with her here.”

What else might be helpful?

Sometimes working through grief is hard to do in front of others. Learn about individual counseling as a potential first step.

Couples counseling can be extremely impactful in addition to, or alternatively, from family counseling.